Shahdag Travel Tips


The resort offers a comprehensive range of accommodation and services, world-class skiing facilities at a breathtaking 2,500 meters above sea level, and recreational and cultural experiences.

Nestled mid-mountain in the heart of Shahdag Natural Park and covering 130,508 hectares, the stunning views of untouched mountains and crystal clear mountain creeks offers guests an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life through extravagant accommodations, unique dining experiences, luxurious spa and wellness facilities, attentive service, and year-round recreation. Pik Palace Shahdag Hotel is more than just a resort hotel.

Quick Reference

Time Zone
UTC/GMT +4 hours

Languages Spoken

While Azerbaijani is the official language in Azerbaijan, English, Russian, and Turkish are widely spoken.
In the Gusar region, Lezgi is also a common language.


Local voltage is 220 volts AC. Adapters are available through the concierge.


Distance from Baku to Gusar – 170 km
Distance from Gusar to Shahdag – 30 km
Distance from Gusar to Dagestan – 179 km


New Year January 1–2
International Women’s Day March 8
Victory Day May 9
Republic Day May 28
Spring Festival Novruz March 19–25
Day of National Salvation June 15
Armed Forces Day June 26

National Independence Day October 18
State Flag Day November 9
Constitution Day November 12
National Revival Day November 17
Azerbaijanis’ Solidarity Day December 31

Guba, which is located about 168 km away from the capital city of Azerbaijan .The city lies on the north-eastern slopes of Shahdag mountain. It is characterized by many historical sites such as mosques, monuments and ancient buildings. Guba is attractive with its green nature, forests and mountain areas which is a part of range of Caucasus mountains.
The first ski resort in Azerbaijan located near Shahdag National Park, the largest national park in the country. The resort can be found on piedmont of Shahdag Mountain, surrounded by the mystique charm of unspoilt nature and crystal clear mountain creeks, providing visitors with an absolute unique experience throughout the year.Shahdag Mountain Resort lends its name from Mountain Shahdag (4243 m), a mountain peak of the Greater Caucasus range, located in Gusar region of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Russia.
Shahdag Mountain Resort is 3 hour drive from the buoyant Baku and less than an hour’s journey from Gusar via new Laza road .